Nothing is impossible! 🙂

There is nothing that someone with Type 1 Diabetes cant do. That’s the fact that GT1 would like to share this week, for diabetes awareness month of November.

In our experience over this last year, we have found that it takes a huge amount of determination and stamina, and a certain amount of being flexible with our plans, but the feeling when the it all works even against the odds is amazing.

When Chloe wanted to take part in an activity week last summer, where she would be constantly either riding a bike, running around, swimming or sailing, I admit we were a little daunted. Sugar levels don’t always cooperate, but we decided we would do it anyway. We practised and practised with different exercises and various different sugar levels and temporary basal rates, until eventually we felt reasonably confident.

I admit that I waited rather anxiously each day, but she managed the first day beautifully and the second, and then the third and our confidence grew. Finally it was time for the raft race across the lake at the end of day four. Parents were allowed to watch and I had to smile at my own worries as I watched her that afternoon, racing her raft across the lake with her friends. I watched as she laughed with her friends with sparkly eyes, healthy pink cheeks and hair dripping wet everywhere as they dismantled the raft at the end of the race.

As we made our way home, I wanted to ask her how her levels were, but as she chattered on excitedly, it was clear to see that T1D was far from her mind. She was full of her days activities and so I didn’t ask her about T1D. I smiled with relief an hope, as somehow we had proved that T1D could sometimes be made to take a back seat.

Her sugar levels had been difficult to manage here and there during those days, and she had had to check her levels and adjust many times, but she had participated in all the activities. In those four days, we realised, that even though some days we will have to be flexible with our plans, for those activity days, we had won and anything was possible.


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