So it’s been a time of lots of ups and downs lately!

The quiz night was great and sold out. Everyone had fun and we raised enough money to keep GT1 going for almost a year! There have been lots of requests for another evening! It looks like we might have to make this an annual event!

On the down side, bg levels are proving to be so frustrating here! Living with T1D really is like walking a tightrope. One foot forward and make sure you’ve got your balance, step out with caution and slowly put your weight on the rope, holding out your arms and keeping your head up.

So many things can change blood glucose and questions I ask myself seem never ending…

Did I give/miss insulin for food? Did I count carbs properly? Did some food already accounted for get left? Does the ratio need changing? Does the background rate need tweaking? Is the weather hot? Is it cold? Is the pump ok? Is the cannula in place/is needle a new one? Did I use a site that is too scarred? Is the insulin ok? Is there a bug going around? Has there been a bug going round? Is there more stress or excitement than normal? Is there less stress or excitement than normal? Has there been more physical activity than usual? Less physical activity? Are hormones to blame? Growth spurt? Does the day have a Y in it…..  😉 ?

Its very trying to say the least! I’d love to say I’ve found the perfect an answer for this, but lately I’ve learnt that, although it sounds like a cliche, it really is one day at a time. Let’s keep walking on that tightrope, one step at a time, climbing quickly back up when a wobble sets us falling. At least we have each other and can give each other a wave or hold out a hand of empathy, support and encouragement here and there!

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