Well, it’s that time of year again…new shiny shoes and neat covers of exercise books, beautiful sharpened pencils of all colours and all school equipment present and correct for the once! As I try to get myself and the children into gear for all those busy mornings coming up and the school run rush, I remember today is a set change day and time to renew the pump and allow it to continue to do its magic.

Whether pump or multiple injections, there is no doubt that insulin therapy has come such a long way over the years, and lots of new technology has given more freedom and security, but often I have noticed that pumps and sensors, blood glucose monitors are carefully hidden out of sight from curious onlookers.

It can be hard for a child to explain what the pump is, or what they are doing when they inject or test, when someone asks. Sometimes they may shy away from any attention on any of it or some people prefer to say that its for their medicine, some people go into detail of how it works, and some people answer the bare minimum, or change the subject. Some people, however, choose to keep people guessing…. I heard someone comment not so long ago, to someone who asked out of curiosity, that his pump was his battery pack and that it kept him going. It made me smile and I remembered this picture I had stumbled across not long ago ….


The curious person looked a little quizzical and clearly couldn’t think of a response, but looked at him with pure respect. The person with the battery pack carried on with the previous activity with a smile.

As our children go back to school, all at GT1 are wishing them all the best and remind them to wear their pumps, sensors, and use their monitors and injections with pride. Whatever their choice of pump or injections, our children are all superheros!

Have a happy new school year! 🙂

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