How can it be December already?! I sit surrounded by lists and presents to wrap, and cant help but feel a little overwhelmed! The bunny is asleep blissfully unaware of the chaos around him as suddenly the insulin pump chimes in with beeps announcing it need a set change. Don’t you love it when that happens?

December and managing T1 always stump me a little. With all the extra running around and delicious foods to be eaten, the juggling act continues. So I have decided that for now, we will remember that levels are simply a number. Hopefully nice ones of course, but still just a number nevertheless. I know that over Christmas there will be big numbers and small numbers, and I know that some numbers will be hard to deal with, but, it will be Christmas, and there are more numbers to think about, like how many cards to write, numbers of presents to wrap, amount of tape to get through, and many friends and family to laugh with and games to play.

So as we approach Christmas, I am hoping that this relaxed feeling about numbers continues. I will obviously try and make sure that numbers are good ones, but I have decided that this year I’m not going to stress if they are not. Well, for now anyway! I have just discovered how many shopping days left until Christmas!! Oh dear! It looks like there are absolutely other numbers to take centre stage at this time of year!

Happy countdown to Christmas folks!

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