As this year waves it’s goodbyes and we get ready to welcome in 2018, just like everyone else, I cant help but look back over the year. My mind wanders over the highs and the lows, (quite literally when thinking about blood sugars!)

As I flick through the photos of this years GT1 events and sessions, yet again I am overwhelmed by the strength and determination of the children and families. Even when we see tears and hypos (thinking particularly of the session where all children at GT1 suddenly were hypo at the same time, except my daughter who was too high!) the children and families soon help each other find their smiles again.

Over Christmas, some of the younger members of my family watched Frozen. Every time I hear that song, I cant help but think of Type 1 Diabetes. John Lasseter, when he worked on the film Frozen, had his son Sam in mind. Sam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10, and John couldn’t help but think how the song “Let it go” related to how isolated, alone and scared his little son was feeling.

Type 1 does tend to do that doesn’t it? It often makes people feel isolated and often scared. But as I look back at the smiling photos at GT1, I am grateful again to my daughter for setting up this group. Together we are not alone. Together we can stand up to Type 1 Diabetes.

We are not alone. So as we say goodbye to 2017, we can let it all go. We don’t have to conceal, we can share and grow. We can stand together. 2018 is a new year. A whole year closer to a cure. A whole year closer to newer and better technology. 2018 has hope and smiles ahead, even with the odd tear, but for now, lets let downs go and hang on to the ups. Wishing you a happy new year folks.



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