What an emotional and inspirational weekend! We are so very proud of Chloe, for raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and promoting GT1 in the Lions Club Young Ambassador of 2018. She made it to the Finals of the British Isles this weekend, representing the South East!

Chloe was one of eleven finalists from around the British Isles. The candidates all had different causes that they were competing for amongst very difficult circumstances. They all took our breath away and it was such a privilege to be around the 11 completely inspirational finalists.

The weekend at the finals consisted of back to back meetings, interviews, activities and giving speeches. Chloe did extremely well and impressed the judges and audience with her speech about her experience of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and sharing her idea for ways to help others after their diagnosis. She was amazing! (although we are a little biased of course!)

The winner was a lovely 18 year old girl who has set up a sports facility for children with disabilities and learning difficulties. There wasn’t a second/third place… they were all completely amazing, and there was unanimous agreement in the room that no one envied the judges.

Chloe has won a huge amount during this competition for Go Type 1 (around £800!!) and has been awarded amazing trophys, had fantastic experiences and met some wonderful people. She also had the challenge of juggling her levels to cope with the adrenaline and untimely pump and sensor issues, but as she said in one of her speeches…

“Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop us doing anything. It is still possible to live life to the full.Type 1 Diabetes is hard to live with, but at GT1 we are not alone. As our motto says, we are “Standing up to type 1 diabetes together.” “

Thank you Chloe and thank you to the Lions Club for all your support. 

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