Three weeks complete isolation, they said initially. There is a nasty bug that is hurting many people. So, the whole world locked ourselves away and scoured the land for sanitiser and various groceries along with the rest of the world.

The three weeks was quite a novetly, as most people remember, and as three weeks stretched into more weeks, GT1 meet ups became virtual. Conversations over Facebook, WhatsApp groups and Zoom meetings became the norm for us all, but as Type 1 Diabetes doesnt take a break, lots of people contacted GT1 from all over the UK, for support.  We sent out activity packs for children and families to feel part of the group and eventually, after far more than the orginal three weeks, GT1 was finally allowed to meet in person again!

During this time of the pandemic, we have learnt much, with different ways of connecting and different ways of attending appointments and even the occasional drive through HBa1C test! We have all pulled together though and stayed strong, which is something GT1 is very proud of. We are stronger together.

As the pandemic continues, we are asking for places at GT1 to be booked in advance and a form be completed before attending GT1, as well as steps to stay safe in line with Goverment guidance. We are very proud to be still going strong though, even when the infection numbers rise too high for us to meet in person, we are still on Facebook, WhatsApp and Zoom. Please let us know if you need support.

We are finding ways to fundraise and have been lucky enough to recieve donations from time to time and we would like to thank our kind donors so much for all your support.

Please continue to stay safe folks, and if you find yourself wanting to connect with others with Type 1 Diabetes, whether there has been a very recent diagnosis, or a diagnosis years ago, please do get in touch. Type 1 diabetes is a real tightrope walk, but you are not alone. We are stronger together.


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