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Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented and at the moment there is no cure. Type 1 Diabetes means the body cannot regulate the blood sugar levels of the body, so insulin injections or pump therapy is always needed, as well as careful monitoring of blood sugar levels.


The main symptoms are the 4Ts: Thirsty, Toilet, Tired and Thinner. Please see your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

What can you eat? Anything you like! Just take the right amount of insulin to cover it.

What sports can you do? Any sport you like! Some people with T1D have won gold at the olympics, and been famous sports people. In fact there are so many possibilities, even becoming a film star, pop star, supreme court judge, model, or Prime Minister, as others with T1D have shown us!

What about school ? Your medical team will help to train your teachers about managing T1D safely and GT1 can help with free, interactive training about school life with T1D. Please contact us for details.

What about sleepovers and parties? Have fun and enjoy yourselves! You can carry on as normal, as long as you take your insulin, glucose and monitor your glucose levels.

Please speak to your medical team for any further advice.